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Cork is a busy city as there are lots of people living here and tourists also come here throughout the year to enjoy the nice weather and natural beauty. The restaurant business is booming, especially seafood restaurants.

If you have a restaurant or catering business, then you can advertise your business here. If you have a venue for different occasions or provide catering services for events, then you can also advertise on The Rising Tide.

Why advertise here?

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Our blog is very popular among the Cork residents and tourists who want to know about the eateries, venues and catering services in Cork. Here the readers find reviews of restaurants, tips on finding venues and catering services, and more.

If you have a restaurant or catering business, then your target customers are mostly our readers. So, you will be able to increase your customer base by advertising with us.

We also provide affordable advertising solutions for businesses. So, no matter what your advertising budget is, you will be able to conduct an effective advertising campaign by advertising here.

Advertising options

We have several options for our clients. You can choose one or multiple options according to your budget and needs.

Banner ads

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These ads are very effective in diverting prospective customers to your website. You will have a better chance of earning more revenue and most of these customers will probably visit your restaurant or catering service.


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We provide paid review services to motivate and convince prospective customers to choose your restaurant, venue or catering service. We will highlight your good features and tell the readers how your business differs from that of the competitors. That way you will get more customers.

Social media advertising

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We have a good presence on different social media networks. You can place your ads on our social media and get a lot of exposure. People will know about your brand and they will be interested to visit your restaurant or book your venue or catering service. We understand that the restaurant business is very competitive and that’s why we allow you to stand out from the others by advertising in our blog.