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5 Foods to Try In Cork

Some people call Cork the ‘Food Capital of Ireland’ and the name is justified. With so many local food varieties and different types of restaurants, Cork is a place for foodies. Here you will get everything to satiate your taste buds. There are many small seaside cafés and even big restaurants.

There is something for everyone and you will find a suitable place to eat depending on your preference. Most of these restaurants offer local food menus, so you will get to taste food that is unique and will probably only find in Cork. Here are some foods you must try if you are in Cork.

Toonsbridge Mozzarella

Featured image 5 Foods to Try In Cork Toonsbridge Mozzarella - 5 Foods to Try In Cork

You must be thinking what is so special about mozzarella cheese. It doesn’t taste that awesome normally, but the one you find here tastes delicious. It is made from buffalo milk and the texture is meaty which tastes delicious. You can put some in your salad or even add it to any dish as well.

Franciscan Well Ale

Featured image 5 Foods to Try In Cork Franciscan Well Ale - 5 Foods to Try In Cork

Irish craft ale is popular all over the world. This ale has been brewed since 1998 and uses both traditional and modern brewing techniques. This ale is made up of high-quality ingredients and you must try it.

Clonakilty Black Pudding

Featured image 5 Foods to Try In Cork Clonakilty Black Pudding - 5 Foods to Try In Cork

It is a very popular dish in Cork. It has a strong taste and is a common Irish breakfast menu item. It is quite different than the normal white pudding you usually have.

Eggs Cornelius

Featured image 5 Foods to Try In Cork Eggs Cornelius - 5 Foods to Try In Cork

This dish is common in Irish restaurants. If you visit Cork, then you must try it from Lab 82 as they are the best for it. The dish is made of two poached eggs with cornbread, corn salsa, and paprika corn.

Sri Lanka-Style Fish Curry

Featured image 5 Foods to Try In Cork Sri Lanka Style Fish Curry - 5 Foods to Try In Cork

Cork is a place where people not only love the local food but international flavours as well.You will see that a lot of local food is inspired by international taste. Cork is a great place for fish as it is located near a river.

If you are in Cork, you must try the Sri Lanka-Style fish curry. It has a delicious flavour and you will probably feel like having more. These are some popular food in Cork, and you will find them in most restaurants. Make sure to try them out if you visit Cork.